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We all know about Freely programmed search help. As soon as user click on that F4 option the Search help component will open. And then based on user action we can send data back to parent component via the LISTNER function.

But in my latest project I found a requirement where I have to send some data to the F4 help screen to auto populate a field if that field is available in the parent component. Let’s see how we have achieved that requirement successfully.

Here for example, I have created a small component (Parent) with a node DATE and attribute DATE. Here I am setting the date field as sy-datum – 1. Now this value should populate the date field of the search help component. In the search help component I have created only one input field binded with a date attribute (Make this node as component controller interface node). Now as per the requirement the calculated date should come into this input field as soon as it launch.

After completion of all the necessary coding and config for freely programmed search help, go to parent component component controller.

Click  on create controller usage button. You can see that in the right side your search help component’s controller will display.

Here I gave similar names. Now simply drag the date node from right side to the left side date node to map  them directly. You can check the binding like below

Now simply write some code in the parent component to populate the date field. And the click on the F4 button to call the search help.

Here you can see that the input field is defaulted with the date field value from the previous component. This way we can pass values to search help screen also when it is a freely programmed search help.