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How to migrate a DC to a new SC


You have developed one (or more) DC(s) for a SC. Now you want
to use the results (sources) of this development in another DC.
Additionally you
want to enhance the functionality of the DC but not to change the
behaviour of the original DC. Both DCs should be executed at the same

Because you want to run both DCs at the same server the DC
names have to be different. At the same server a DC (that has a unique
name) can only be deployed once.


To solve the problem you have to migrate the DC to another SC.
This means you have to copy the original DC, assign it to your new SC,
give it a new name and rename the used packages. This does not sound
very difficult. But NWDI and NWDS do not support this with wizards or
other tools. So you have to do all the work manually.


    • You defined a new SC in SLD into which you want to
      migrate one or more DCs

    • You defined a new namespace for developing DCs of the new

    • You created a new development track in which you develop
      the newly created SC.

    • You imported the development configuration of your new

Steps to do


    1. def/*.pp 

    2. .dcdef 


Model Folder/*/.*


You may think that this description violates the thoughts that
are behind component based development and I will agree with you. But
in todays practice there are situation that require this solution. The
description was born because customers of mine had this demand.

If one of the readers will have the time to write a tool that
does all this manual stuff with just some mouse-clicks I would highly
appreciate if she uploads this tool to SDN.