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This is a simple how-to on performing a mass deletion of variants for a particular ABAP program.

  1. First, copy the name of the ABAP program you wish to look at
    • If you do not know this, go into the transaction and go to System > Status... and look in the Program field
  2. Next go to SA38 and paste in the program name
    • Note - you can actually get there from the transaction by going to System > Services > Reporting
  3. With the program name in the SA38 field, click on Goto > Variants (F7)
  4. This takes you to the ABAP: Variants - Initial Screen
  5. From here, click on Variants > Catalog
  6. Next click on the button Selection criteria (this will have the standard trash can icon next to it)
  7. On this pop-up, you will be able to select the variants you wish to delete, finally clicking the Delete Variant button
  8. You'll get one final warning, and once allowing, they will be removed.

Pretty simple, but was very helpful for me post installation and Go-Live where we had hundreds of unused variants to get rid of for particular programs.