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A common scenario is when you get a new task you are not familiar with. This can be anything, SAP is huge.

When this happens the first two things you will need is to find out the list of transactions available in the new area and the list of user-exits.

This is how you get it:

You will get some information about the new area, lets assume you got a transaction name.

Start transaction and press Status. We use example CS73 - Display WBS BOM

Double click Transaction

Copy the package name

Go to Transaction SE16N and enter table TADIR

Object type is 'TRAN', Package is 'CS'.

You get the list of all transactions in package CS.

To get the name of the transactions enter table TSTCT, select the language you need and paste the list of transactions.

The result is this:

You can use the table TADIR to find all enhancement objects too. Or any object you actually need.

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