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Creation of new variant:

1. Go to the report screen using T Code or by executing report program in SE38.

2. Enter the values for which you want this report to run regularly.

3. Press Save Button, this will take you to Variant attribute button.

You will find different selection field which can be use to protect, hide or making field mandatory to fill.

4. Naming Variants:

I will suggest to give name to Variant starting with Y or Z and then description. I find that keeping same naming convention for z changes makes easy to control process in long run.

Standard SAP suggests rules for Variant naming as below: ..

  • Variant name can comprise up to 14 alphanumeric characters.
  • character % is not allowed.
  • If user want the variant to be transported automatically with its program, then he must create a system variant. (Depend upon your requirement)
  • The name of a system variant must start with "CUS&" for customers, and "SAP&" for SAP system variants You can only use the "&" character within this prefix in the name of a system variant. ........

5. Now Suppose you want creation data as dynamic.

Enter D (Select from drop down) in Selection variable

6. F4 in the last column (Name of variable)

7.  See the popup, it has many option, choose the one you want. If you choose Current date +/- ??? days, it will consider the whole week (7
days).  If you choose Current date +/- ??? Work days, it will consider only working days based on the calendar.

Indicator  "I" or "E" indicates.

  • "I" (Inclusive) means that the single value or range you specified is selected itself.
  • "E" (Exclusive) means that the single value or range you specified is excluded from the selection.

Suppose for example I am taking here Current date +/- ??? work days, and I need it to start from last  5 work days. So I will double click on Current date +/- ??? Work days field. 

Popup will come. I have entered 5, and given the calendar to check work day as well.

8. Now in the menu. Goto-----> variant------- > Get, and double click the variant you have created, it will bring the screen with all the values you have


Now you can create the batch program SM36, and this program and variant.

How to Transport Variant to other system:

1. Find out program of Tcode, In Menu  go to  SYSTEM  ------------> Status

2. Execute T code SE38, and type Program name in field.

In Menu Go To --------> Variants or press Ctrl + F1

Tcode: SE38

3. In Variant Screen Menu Go to Utilities ------> Transport Request

4. Now press Execute button in this screen

5. This will give selection screen to select varient which needs to be transport in other system like in quality or in production via development request.

6. Press continue button and it will give popup to select Development request to carry variant in other system.

Hope this blog will help to create Variant and its transport  to other systems.

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Thanks & Regard