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Taken from a blog from my old SCN account placed in 2012.

I have been looking forward to the availability of the new BusinessObjects 4.0 SP4/FP3 since last november. Since one of my previous customers did not had a JAVA stack we were not able to create a connection from our SAP BW 7.3 system to Dashboards 4. With SP4 it is possible to create the connection though an OLAP connection. Since we didn't know how to create that and it took us some time, I'm really looking forward to share this information with you.
At first we tried to create the connection with the Connection option in the data menu in Dashboards 4, but this was not successful. The add button gives a lot of options, but not the OLAP connection option.

We found out that the connection needed to be created with the Query Browser. Click on Add Query to connect to the BW system and select a query. Please provide your login credentials.


When you are connected to the SAP BW system, you will receive the following screen where you can select that you want to connect to a BEx query. After clicking on Next, select the right connection.

connection 4.jpg

You are now ready to build your query and use it in the dashboard.

With a bit of searching I finally created a connection. It is very good to see this option in Dashboards 4. The next step is to see how we can get a connection to SAP HANA with real-time updates in a dashboard. Hope to inform you all about this really soon!
Rob Beeren