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In projects, there might be a situation where one of the business process not running in production systems and the same business process is running fine in the quality system. Functional teams might require to validate the customization settings comparing between quality and production system, which is a laborious and error-prone job. In some case custom table content to be compared between two systems.

Let us have a look at the option of comparing the customizations and table contents remotely:

1) Run transaction SPRO and browse menu to select "Cross System Viewer" as shown in the screen shot (Tools -> Customizing Objects -> Cross System Viewer).

Note: We can use "Object Comparison" for comparing the specific table content with the remote system, also BC Sets can be compared remotely using the "Business Configuration Sets" option from Customizing Objects.

2) Next screen is as shown below. The options in the screen are self explanatory -> "Project IMG" is for comparing the projects created for customization, "SAP Reference IMG" is for comparing SAP IMG settings, "Choose Components" is for comparing the chosen customizing componets, "All components" is for comparing all  customizing object components, etc...

3) For table content comparison, select "Manual Selection" in the previous screen and click on "Create". In the next screen key in the list of tables for comparison, type can be blank as shown below and click on "Execute".

4) As shown below, key in the description and the R/3 connection for the remote system to compare and click on "Total Comparison" (can be scheduled in the background with the option "Total Comparison in Background"). "Comparison run ID" is generated automatically for future usage.

5) The comparison list is shown as below with the details of the logon system and remote system. Select the required tables and click on "Comparison", the table entries can be restricted for comparison by choosing "Yes" in the next screen else "No".

6) The selected table entries comparison is listed as shown below and the legend.

7) Using the Comparison run ID "0000000117", we can refer to the comparison any time in the future. Just key in the comparion run ID or with the F4 help select the required one and click on "Display".

On the similar lines, we can compare the customization by choosing the required application components or all and analyse the excel sheets to validate the differences by scheduling it in the background.

Note: Some content on the screen shots attached has been erased for security reasons.