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While looking for other twitter accounts to follow, I got a recommendation to add @SAPSupportCE, the "Official SAP Support customer experience account". Intrigued, I wanted to learn more and set up an interview with kristen.scheffler, SAP primary support communications manager. The SAP support twitter account gives customers a new way to connect with SAP Support, send feedback and get notified about information. There are 60+ SAP Support volunteers that are listening 24 hours a day and sharing information that can help customers be more successful!

Don't forget to follow @SAPSupportCE and @SAP_Gsupport on twitter and SAP Primary Support on facebook!

0:00 Introductions

0:59 Who are the people behind SAPSupportCE and do they do any other types of support functions as well, besides just the twitter account?

2:47 So there are people behind the twitter account 24 hours a day?

3:20 How are customers typically interacting with the twitter account?

4:29 Are you mainly searching for a certain group of key words that people are talking about?

5:18 What kind of people are typically interacting with SAPSupportCE? Does it tend to be more of the SAP Mentor types who are already utilizing twitter?

7:07 Can you share any stories about how SAPSupportCE has helped customers with a support issue or responded to a positive or negative tweet about SAP support?

9:34 Do you have anything else that you would like to add?

Thank You kristen.scheffler for taking the time to complete this interview with me and thank you to jon.reed for letting me know about call recorder for skype which allowed me to make this happen!

I did not read the instructions for call recorder before starting, so I am sorry you have to see my face the entire time! :smile: