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At Roche Diabetes Care, we’re providing innovative products and services that help people with diabetes to live their lives as active, healthy and unrestricted as possible. To support our design process, we make use of Scenes, a storytelling tool and method invented at the SAP AppHaus Heidelberg.

To make Scenes work even better for our team, we decided to create a diabetes add-on using the Scenes visual style. It contains additional objects, backgrounds and characters related to diabetes. Those objects include medical devices like a blood glucose meter and an insulin pen, backgrounds like a doctor’s office, and characters that reflect our personas, for example Ann with her son Paul who has type 1 diabetes.

We found that Scenes works great to quickly, collaboratively and iteratively explore and validate new solutions. The Scenes diabetes add-on is especially helpful when it comes to the creation of stories about people with diabetes. For example, during a workshop in our co-innovation lab in Berlin, we created a story for a chatbot that could help teenagers to collect more meaningful data for their next doctor visit.

Scenes also helps us to communicate research insights. The example below is from a research trip to Kenya and South Africa where the team visited hospitals, doctor offices and pharmacies. With Scenes we shared the learnings within the company afterwards.

We also use Scenes to make ideas more tangible. This turned out to be very useful for new technologies that people are not yet familiar with, for example augmented reality. One of the stories we created was about Markus (pictured below) who has to learn how to use a lancing device to prick himself in the finger in order to get blood for a measurement. With an app that shows augmented instructions he could follow along step by step.

Create your own stories for our open digital ecosystem

At Roche Diabetes Care we’re establishing an open digital ecosystem, connecting devices and digital solutions, to enable personalized diabetes care and thus improve therapy outcomes. To empower people with diabetes, doctors and family members to innovate and create their own stories for this open digital ecosystem, we decided together with SAP to make the Scenes diabetes add-on available for everyoneWe’re looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

You can download the Scenes Diabetes Add-on by Roche Diabetes Care from the Scenes website:

From left to right: Karen Detken (SAP, creator and driver of Scenes), Katja NigglTobias Loerracher and Stacie Schatz (UX designers at Roche) at the SAP AppHaus Heidelberg to discuss the creation of the diabetes add-on for Scenes.