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This blog is part of a blog package which consists out of three blogs:

  1. How blogging changed our lives
  2. How blogging has changed my every day life!
  3. How has blogging changed my everyday life?

We, Michelle Crapo and Tom Cenens decided to write three blogs titled “how blogging … ”. We both agree that blogging is fun to do. We also like reading other community member blogs and jumping into the conversation by commenting.

Another thing we both have in common is that we like to collaborate with other community members. Sharing thoughts and ideas, discussing topics, getting connected and joining forces to create a bigger something beyond what one single individual would create

These three blogs are the result of the combination of two things we both love, writing blogs and collaborating with other community members.

The purpose of these blogs

I always like it when a blog has a purpose.

In the article “Customer Value Delivered, recently published by Mark Yolton, Senior Vice President of SAP Community Network (SCN) you can find results of a survey that took place by SmartBrief in 2010. The survey takes a look at social media to see which information sources are leveraged to make purchase decisions. In fifty percent of the cases the companies said they will use forums and discussion groups and only in fourteen percent decisions to purchase are made based on blog content.

Does this mean blogs are less valuable than forums or discussion groups? Not at all. It shows that the group of bloggers is not as large as we might sometimes think. With these three blogs we hope to inspire some of the community members to start blogging.

Here you can see a video of two great inspirers talking about how valuable blogging was in their life:

You can read our blogs to find out why we blog, why we love it, what keeps us going and more.