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Holiday season is coming! That means business will have to continue as usual, but hopefully you will be able to leave for some days/weeks/months/....

Not all positions need to be replaced during holiday absence probably, but I can imagine there are some activities that needs to be done, like authorization maintenance and the company will hire a replacement employee.

I don't know if you know the statistics of authorization requests within your company? Often you can see there is a increase of authorization requests if the  authorization/security manager is on Holiday. Why is this the case you might wonder? Is there a new project with new functionality being implemented? Possible..... but maybe people are just testing the knowledge/experience of the replacement employee and are trying to get the authorizations that where rejected in the past.

If the knowledge and experience of the replacement employee is ok and the internal procedures (like  Segregation Of Duties checking, change management procedures with approvals, analysis tools, etc.) are set up and working correctly there might be no issues at all. But please keep in mind... when the cat is away, the mice play!