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Wishing you good luck and best wishes for your future and hope that you will achieves new heights and growth with a short time period.

This is good time have to share my personal experience of SAP Community.

When I was joined first time in SAP community, it was saying “You are coming to the right place”. But now all are saying “Go and see the new professional social network”.

SCN help me to increasing the weight of my brain day by day. It help to make us a simple person to a extra ordinary man. Feel free to use this and you should realize at the end of first month.

SCN from SAP for all. Even non sap people also come to SAP soon  if they are using SCN for 3-6months

Its awesome ideas included in the new SCN and bring the extra light and bright features.

SAP new community has proving Albert Einstein quotes “If I can't picture it, I can't understand it”. Have includes new style of blogs, podcasting, discussions, profile management areas, following, bookmarks and more informative things.

It was really SIMPLE to use, learn more ADVANCED things and get better our brain as POWERFUL.

Happy Birthday to Our SAP SCN.