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Anyone interested in alternative user interactions or RIA technology for SAP might want to check download this handy .pdf, which details all of the Adobe sessions during the regular conference.  We'll be giving these out as bookmarks once we're on site.


Those of you who work for SAP, or closely with them, might be familiar with SAPMATS, which is how SAP shares large files to people outside the firewall.  If you're wondering about the shared, embedded document below, click the link to grab it, and also sign up for the excellent hosted service, which is completely free!  What's really cool is that in addition to the file sharing capabilities, we also offer free web conferencing!!! (For up to three people currently, although don't quote me on that....)


The conferencing and collaboration part of is based on Adobe's Cocomo API, which represents the extension of our Acrobat Connect product.  SAP re-sells Acrobat Connect Professional, and all 50,000 plus SAP employees are beginning to use the product in a phased roll-out internally for their own collaboration.   The reason I mention this is because we'll be presenting Cocomo (in addition to a bunch of other technologies) at Community Day.

Lastly, as icing on the cake, there's even a really cool AIR based desktop client for that I would urge everyone to d/l if you try out the service.  It allows you to simply drag and drop a file onto the desktop widget, and publish the file to be shared, just like the one below.