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If we want to better understand the Industry focused solutions but if miss or avoid to understand the latest innovations with HANA, we will definitely not have the total picture of SAP's vision for innovative integrated architecture and our next steps.

HANA is not just the database/platform/applience/in-memory fast reporting tool, but it is the Integrated Innovator for leading our Industries to the next step in their future growth and development while reducing the cost and broadening the designing opportunities. 

Allowing the creative architecture to start its course, we will see that from multi-tier architecture we are now transitioning to the capable control of integrated single-tier oriented architecture with fully orchestrated industry focused or line of business focused process execution.

Designing HANA, Cloud, and Mobility uniquely on a single integrated platform, based on industry models and for their lines of business, would allow our customers to use their existing and updated Business Suite as part of the composite SOA and real-time data integration will finally deliver that ultimate customer's dream.

By using such modalities where HANA leads the Industry's focus and its change, we can now achieve our orchestrated delivery by re-using components or building On Demand or By Design next to our already RDS based offerings for those business that are just starting to grow.

Our methodology focus will harmonize the same-like elements and re-use the common repeatable business practices, yet it will expand the broader view of its governance and directive for future development based on HANA's models tailored to each industr's generic LOB functionality to be developed.

Architecture scenarios will include but not be limited to our current HANA offerings as the future customer needs will further dictate our innovative focus and requirements.  However, HANA will bridge any existing gaps between existing ERP and BI / BOBJ development and therefore lead each industry towards its ultimate innovation.  No any other product on the market had done so with such huge impact over the entire enterprise framework, architecture applications, and latest services on the market.

Let's recognize this lead and embrace the opportunities.

Thank you.

Alexandra Weber

Senior SAP IBC Delivery Consultant

Certified Business Process Expert and Integration Techno-Functional Architect since 1994