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Data is everywhere, and it is incredibly powerful…that is, when it is used.

Many organizations are getting closer to overcoming the initial challenge of collecting data, and now they’re trying to figure out hot to make real-time data accessible and applicable for those within the organization.

Imagine a company such as Feeding America, whose workforce is on the road and needs access to data to make the most of their processes. Feeding America, “the nation's [United States] leading domestic hunger-relief charity…feeds America's hungry through a nationwide network of member food banks and engage our country in the fight to end hunger.” Feeding America uses food that is near expiration and accepts collections from supermarkets, then delivers a healthy selection of food to those in need.

By using the SAP Mobile Platform, truck drivers at food distribution centers can use mobile handheld devices to track daily inventory versus demand from food pantries and shelters. Using this data, drivers can quickly divvy up food and deliver balanced, healthy meals. Improved stock management and route planning frees up resources so Feeding America can direct more energy to helping people in need.

This is just one way a company can build a real-time data platform and serve the information to their employees so it can be used and applied immediately and make a positive impact on the supply chain.

With the technological advancements to databases, it is possible to use affordable memory and advanced technologies to transact, move, and analyze data at unbelievably rapid speeds. Organizations wanting to leverage these capabilities and searching to find a way to make real-time data organized and accessible, need a road map for their database platform.

The road map service for database platform – delivered by SAP services – brings the deep software and hardware knowledge, database know-how, best practices, and experience needed to take advantage of the latest database technology.

With the road map service for database platform delivered by the SAP Services organization, companies can gain a solid plan for adopting the latest database technologies in line with business needs.

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