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Global Survey for SAP NetWeaver Process Integration 2011

As one of its regular activities the International Focus Group for Integration performs a yearly survey for SAP NetWeaver PI. The survey was scheduled from April 14th to July 5th 2011 and was open for all users and companies using SAP NetWeaver PI or XI as an integration platform. The survey contained 21 general questions and 9 questions about this year's focus topic monitoring.

As in the past, the survey results enable the GSIG to better address the needs of the PI users and serve as a basis to discuss further enhancements and product improvements with SAP. The results for 2011 will be published within the user groups that participate in the GSIG around August / September. Also watch out for the new SDN blog about the 2011 survey results planned for end of September/ beginning of October.


Results of last Year's Global PI Survey

The following section shows an extract of the global PI survey, which was conducted by the Global Special Interest Group for Process Integration in 2010.

Number of participants: 155


Participants per user group:




Central development team:
Do you have a central development team for PI?


Used XI / PI release:


Used operating system for production instances:


7x24hrs Availability:
Do you have the requirement for 7x24hrs availability of your productive PI environment?


Overall stability of production instance:


Unplanned shutdowns:
Do you experience unplanned shutdowns?


Monitoring functionality:
Are the monitoring tools providednby SAP standard sufficient to do the job?


Used mapping technology:


Use of ccBPM / Integration Processes: