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It’s Girls‘Day 2012 - Ten 10 to 15 years old girls took the change to get to know, what a computer scientist does. I used the day together with my colleague Annika Rosner to introduce them to the secrets of programming. After explaining them what a computer scientist is and where you can work with such an education I gave an overview of the main notions of programming. Finally in teams of two they wrote a little game or animation, which they could take home.

It’s the third year now that I am participating in the German Girls’Day program. Every year at the last Thursday in April, girls join their father for work. They are supposed to get to know jobs in technique, computer science, engineering and science – jobs, where too few women are working.

The reasons why I am participating is that I want to give the girls a chance to get to know computer science without being dominated by boys. On the other hand I am missing women in computer science jobs. I think that man and women complete one another, and therefore it would be good to have more women in project teams.

Have you done something similar? If not - would you like to start something similar in your company / country?

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