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Force Language in Standard MSS Webdynpro Java page - EP 7.3

This is to force the MSS WD Java application content in any Language as static content to display while irrespective of language selection, we had a similar Requirement to force the WD java Application page content in English.

Requirement: The Employee profile (Personnel Development) page needs to be displayed in English, which is running under Standard Webdynpro Java Applications.

Applications under MSS content – mss~eepro

We copied the “PersonnelDevelopment” Application view and pasted under our customized folder.

It was created as WD java Page, which is like a Standard page.

Wherein we had tried with two approaches, in terms of controlling the WD java page content in English language, the first was not working and only the second approach was working.

We have successful implemented with second approach as per our client requirement.

Approach 1:

Firstly we had tried to control the WD application page to display the content in English by changing the Portal page content properties in PCD inspector.

By changing PCD properties in PCD inspector content as follows.

We had set the “English” text for all the language’s text by selecting the corresponding WD application Page

in “”

But, we controlled only the Portal Properties display not the WD application content “texts”.

The Application content was still displaying in respective Language selection.

Note: This was not working based on our Requirements.

Approach 2:

Secondly we had come up with different initiative which is to control whole standard WD java application page in iView content.

This is like standard way of creating an iView by using new option rather than creating from iView Template.

Before we do this method, we need to ensure that we have copied the Webdynpro Application page from mss~eepro component to your customized folder location.

Now the application page looks as follows.

Main steps to create iView from the above page.

1.     Create an iview by selecting following option.

Note: There will be question against this like why don't we try this with "iView from Template" - Yes, we created an iView from default iView template and tried to replicate the standard Webdynpro java iview's properties in the custom iView which we created, but again it was not up to the requirement that we expected.

2.     Select the System Alias Name, Application Id, Application type, Implementation and Role location from the respective Dropdown options as mentioned below.

3.     Select the Role from the location of add-on standard package’s role as indicated in the screen shot.


        4.     Click on “Go” button, you will be navigated to Popup window for inputting Webdynpro application page under the standard MSS package, Select the "Personnel Development" page as indicated in below screen.              




         5.     Click on “Start upload”.


6.     Click on “Finish”.        

7.     You will get a created iView with standard MSS WD java page content.


8.     The iView will contain WD page details of multiple iviews content as mentioned below.


9.     The next step which is to set the Force Language in the iView properties, The “Force Request Language” property has to be set to desired language (Ex. English) to display the content when the language is being selected irrespectively.


10.  Preview the content - now the Standard webdynpro Java iview got the Personnel Development page as a single iView.


11.  To test the behavior of this during multi language selection, we need to create a test role or assigned to existing role.

                Once it’s done with role assignments, just go to “Personalize’ option of Portal.


12.  Change the portal language to any other language as mentioned above, Just do “log off” and “Login” back to portal, then check the Portal screen is displayed in your selected portal language(French) except the our English Test role and it's content.

13.  The Result Screen will be displayed in English for French login.