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I installed Business Objects XI 3.1 SP3 on Windows 2008 server, and we used Weblogic as Web Application instead of Tomcat. Everything went well untill I started working on Single Sign on.

I have to extract the web.xml from InfoViewApp.war, make the changes, add it back to war file and redeploy the war file to weblogic. I did a google search trying to find a easy method to extract the xml file and readd it. There were lot of third part tools but I didnt want to use it.


I had a ticket opened with SAP for a different issue, I asked the support engineer about extraction from war file and he gave me the below command to extract a specific file from InfoViewApp.war and re-add it back, which really made my work simple.


Lets take an example of web.xml in InfoViewApp.war.

Open up command prompt and go to 'D:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\java\application' and run the below command

"D:\Program Files\Business Objects\javasdk\bin\jar.exe" -xvf InfoViewApp.war WEB-INF\web.xml

Note: double quote is required.

         InfoViewApp.war, I V A has to be in uppercase

         WEB-INF is the folder location

Above command extracted the web.xml from war file, after modifying the web.xml for SSO, I run the below command.

"D:\Program Files\Business Objects\javasdk\bin\jar.exe" -uvf InfoViewApp.war WEB-INF\web.xml

This updated the war file with the modified web.xml.


Believe me this is really a time saver.