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Read all about the latest SAP Mentors Quarterly here

The SAP Mentors Quarterly is a community-lead publication with SAP Mentors otto.gold2 leading the layout, publication and other SAP Mentors contributing articles.  In this edition:

  • raquel.cunha talks about her Design Thinking journey
  • ivan.femia reviews what happened at the SAP Milan Forum 2012 and talks about the PowerPoint-Free zone at the upcoming 9/22 SAP Inside Track Milan
  • tom.cenens talks about what matters most in the Community - can you guess what it is?
  • otto.gold2 writes about the popular Blog It Forward chain, started by moshe.naveh
  • steinermatt writes a very moving article on what it takes to be a Mentor

So pick up your FREE edition today!  Not to be missed.  We welcome your feedback as well.

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