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       We look for oppourtunities all around us, sometimes those end up as not just oppourtunities but breakthrough's that can change your life once and for all. SAP DemoJam was one such event for me. If you are someone who is new  and has no idea of DemoJam, its an event which was designed by Craig Cmehil and other technology evangelists, who felt that developers should have fun coding ... and developers of tomorrow should not just code but they should be able to showcase real products and not just ideas !!!

At DemoJam each team (max 5 participants) presents its final product (after coming up with an idea, adapting it and implementing it) in front of a huge crowd. The best part of the event is you "make it" and you "sell it", its a  huge challenge as one may be good in one, but not the other. The Final showdown "DemoJam" where you present your idea in 6 minutes, was infact the most challenging 6 minutes of my life !!!  You need to ensure your Beta product works !!! and the audience not just understand but "wow" the idea !!!  As Champions of the DemoJam, we have been invited by SAP to be part of SAP SAPPHIRE NOW event at Orlando, Florida.

SAP DemoJam India, gave me experience and insights, that i shall cherish all the way in my professional career, I am confident that SAP SAPPHIRE NOW, will not be just bigger, but an amazing learning experience... !  I am particularly excited about the Design Thinking Jam event that would happen at SAPPHIRE NOW. Apart from the various events and keynote presentations from some of the best minds, SAPPHIRE NOW would also help me get an insight into some of the technologies that are currently pushing the limits of what we earlier thought was possible. These technologies may not only change the way we do business but the very business of doing business itself ! 

I am very much excited about SAPPHIRE NOW and i will share my experience @ Orlando soon...  !