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Today's blog is about my trip to MWC17. I had the chance to take part as a coach for SAP to help 5 finalists to create their idea's with HANA Cloud Plattform (errm.. I meant SAP Cloud Platform)...
But before talking about an awesome experience I need to start a bit earlier. To be exact I have to start at last year MWC. As you might have read, a colleague of the SAP Mentors took part and helped the SAP team. So I followed the activity on Twitter and also on other social media platforms. Had a look at the presentations and was really impressed how the startups had performed. Over the year I came back from time to time to see what the Space App Camp is doing. Finally I meet the team at Teched BCN and had the chance to get some insights what it is all about... not that i didn't know about that, but it's like always you cannot know everything and I didn't know how ESA and SAP's cooperation works and what are the next goals.
That was really a nice talk at Teched and to get back to my colleague Gregor I also talked with him about his activity there and how he got involved.
It turned out that he was asked again to help and because he hadn't time he handed it over to me. Awesome! That's why I attend Teched;-) Not at all...Teched is a lot more than that, but this is not the topic 🙂
At the begin of january the journey started for me with the first online workshops for the startups. They had an enablement-session about HCP *arrg* SCP and how to use the ESA-Satellite Data. So, I'm not saying that I had seen all those stuff before, because from SAP ERP ECC6.0 and SAP S/4 HANA Enterprise Projects to that fancy *weusesattelitedatatoenableourcustomer...* is something more than a road between.. maybe a highway:-)
No matter what, at the end everything ends into a database and everything today has an API.
So to make the way short to the part of MWC we had plenty of online sessions with Q&A rounds and what I have to mention here.. is the site to go to find nearly endless resources of answers and examples to get everything done. Some questions where quite fancy to me, because the startups just have another focus as I already mentioned, but in the end we closed all questions and finally headed over to Barcelona.

The day we arrived
Due the fact, that everyone is located on a different place we didn't had a flight together and out of that everyone had a individual arriving time. I just can say, that it looked like everyone which might be able to write mobile went there. The plane was sold out, but my seat was really comfy because the guest next to me did not show up:-)
At 7 o'clock PM we had the first get together event and it is fantastic so to see all the people in person you just had talked to online.

This is a really great example of diversity and how collaboration should look like!
Here are some expressions of the day.

Badge picking at the airport BCN

Bus to the city

Vladimir is thinking: Who's the guy taking photos

Day 2 - Coaching the teams and prepare them to rock at MWC17!

10:00 AM - Everyone entered the location and is presenting the final solution and polish the presentation. Of course it looks like everyone is relaxed... but that this just seems like at the photos.. there was this kind of startup mentality feeling inside the room. Awesome also to see what HANA really can do and of course what SCP is offering to the business out there.
To give a short impression of the day you may have a look at the photo(s) below.

How Copernicusdata works:-) Want to have a try, have a look at the end of the blog.

The whole day was packed with technical sessions and business sessions. To be clearer, the startups brought their presentations and get feedback and ideas how to transport the idea behind and of course became recommendations how to go on with their company. Next to it they had the chance to make some polishing on the technical solution and address their questions to the experts. Really nice to see, that we could help them with a lot content also here on SAP community. That shows again the power of the community.

The evening ended as the day before with a dinner. Nice talks about the finished tasks ( and not yet finished) and also a lot personal talks ended at least for me at 12:00PM in my room and I knew at that moment it would be better to fell asleep fast:-)


My personal point of view on day two: If I ever will found my own company I'm pretty sure I would love to have such a support and will ask SAP for sure if I can get involved in one of the startup-programs.

Day 3 - It's showtime

Getting up way too early at 7:00AM to be able to catch the bus which departure was at 08:30AM
Getting a shower, having breakfast and make sure not to forget the pass at my room:-) I was in time at the lobby and happy to see, that also the last tasks was finished during the night and everyone is up and "running".
The bus to MWC2017 took at least of the traffic jam about 30 minutes.

To enter MWC took us at least nearly the same time, because of the crowd of people going there. (I thought SAP Teched is big, but compared to MWC it feels like a family get together... and that is not a bad thing;-)
The contest took place at the SAP booth and the teams had the chance to have a look around. Personally I believe nobody did, because of the presentation in front of the jury.
No matter what, the other coaches and myself took the chance and I visited the SAP booth and had a nice talk to the developer relationship and also had the chance to talk quite a while to the SAP Leonardo showcase, which is in the way of technical aspects amazing. I don't like that it is mostly done with connected cars, when SAP also could have a showcase with their own Center for Digital Leadership...

so for the next year I would love to see a connected showcase with SAP Leonardo, including Copernicusdata and some satellites around the SAP booth.

Just to be true, the showcase with the car was also nice (awesome car packed with a lot geekstuff inside the trunk), but not so unique in the end.
Ok, back to the topic.
After Ozzy kicked of the show the teams presented their ideas to jury. Now that is the time when every team has to deliver...

All 5 teams presented their idea to the jury and to give you a little overview about the ideas here is a small summary:

SnapPlanet allows users to choose a location around the world at a given time, "snap" it using images from Earth-observing satellites and share it with their followers.

The Saturnalia app allows users to scan a bottle of wine and displays the best year for that particular wine based on satellite and meteorological data providing soil, atmosphere and weather information The app also recommends wines cultivated in similar conditions.

SOUL ( Sensor Observation of Urban Life) aims to merge data from satellites and vehicle-based instruments to provide air-quality data in near-real time.

Droughtscan miramAPP, which uses Sentinel-2 data to assist water managers who experience problems with dry peat levees during periods of severe drought.

Their solution is called Earthflow. It is a SaaS platform for soil moisture monitoring to track crop health & yield

In my eyes, all the teams are winners and of course, it is true at all, because all the invited teams won another contest before the SpaceAppCamp.
The jury, which you see on the next picture took a while to made their decision

and the winner is

Jerome with Snapplanet won the price. Congratulation!

Afterwards there was a small ceremony and some fingerfood served. Of course, the startups didn't finish their work at that moment and so we discussed further ideas and what are the next possible steps at tonights dinner.

Day 4 - The day after

On day 4 the startups had the chance, to present their idea to the public at the SAP booth and make new connections. It is one of these offers, you really need as a startup to get things rolling. Of course, for us coaches it was a kind relaxed position, because everyone did not have the pressure, than the days before. No matter what, the day was again packed from discussions with the teams how to use the SAP Cloud platform and how to attract future customers.
To be true, of course I also had time to visit the MWC a while:-)
Now at the end of this blog I want to share with you some tweets and pictures I have taken.

It was a pleasure for me to be part of the team and a great experience not only for the participants, also for the coaches and yes, that is how our community works.

On my way home to cuddle my family!

Thank you to all attending, helping and doing things to make it happen. Too much to name all here, but here are just a few of them:

And of course, there is also something for you to test. If you are interested how SAP Cloud Platform and Spacedata fits together, have a look at this tutorial here:
With a Ramani example application for SAP-HANA, we demonstrate how you can ingest Copernicus data and other EO-data examples into your SAP-HANA database. The plugin embedded in the example App handles access to the RAMANI map server (referred to as ‘Digital Data Library’ or DDL), it returns tiled-map displays from the DDL to get an appreciation for the data on offer, and provides functionality to import selections of map data from the DDL into your SAP-HANA Database. You can then use any SAP-HANA functions or SQL-statements to query and analyze the new data.
Want to learn more about MWC and this specific event, have a look here:
Want to learn more about the SAP Mentors
Not to forget, you find us, the SAP Mentors, all over the world.. and so I also found one of us at MWC2017. David, it was a pleasure to meet you there: