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Hi Friends,

I want to share about an error I come across in BO 4.0 Universe.


1) Upgraded the client machine which is having BO 3.1 SP1 on Windows XP to BO 4.0 SP4 FP03. Server also upgraded from BO 3.1 SP1 on AIX 6.0 to BO 4.0 SP4 FP03.

2) I created an Universe(Test.unv) on top of BEx query and saved in my local system.

3) When I am trying to export this Universe(Test.unv) to the repository for access to the webi report development, an error is coming as below.

This error occurs in Universe if you do Import or Export of universes to the repository.


4) This error occurs due to one of the problem like "ports blocking by the firewall at Workstation/Client or Server".

5) First set up Firewall logging for the dropped packets to see what ports were being used by default. I then set specific ports other than the default for Input & Output FileRepository Server

6) At serverside, assign any specific port number say 6851(BO port no range between 6400 - 7400) in the CMC > servers > core servers > rightclick on service > properties -Common settings - request port as below shown figure.

7) At clientside, I asked my system admin to "turned off" the windows firewall or to release the port series (6400 - 7400) from windows firewall bi-directional on my current windows workstation.

From then both Importing and Exporting of the universe is working fine.

Hope this will help you to rectify your problem if you ever come across this situation.

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