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After having participated for the first time on a SAP Inside Track in Munich I am now addicted to SAP community events and decided to give my colleague hendrik.neumann a visit at the sitFRA in Frankfurt. I have to say my already high expectations because of my experience in Munich have been exceeded.

Let's start from the beginning

You can easily deduct how excited I was from the fact that I was the first one on site (or should I say on-premise?). I guess I had an advantage because I couldn't participate at the CodeJam session and the ComeTogether the evening before...

sitFRA agenda

Together with the slowly arriving participants I've started to create a path threw the very interesting agenda. As I couldn't divide myself and participate in all streams I would like to share some of my personal takeaways from the event. But first take a look at this motivated crowd:

How to become cloud-native

christian.lechner started with a brilliant presentation about the obstacles of becoming cloud-native (with SAP). He addressed a very important point: If you want to become cloud-native you shouldn't (only) think about technology.

The obstacles often are in your organization and in the mindset of the solidified roles. It's about getting out of your comfort zone and starting to think differently. For example you could start testing in production.

Burn him! Burn him! Yes, dear ABAP developer, he really said "test in production"! Cloud-native means deploying fast and often so why not? You can always fix errors in the blink of an eye. Take a look at this slides to see more:

Big ABAP frameworks will die

When 68fdcfd7801242baafce4e6cd1b5d218 and tobias.trapp announced big generic frameworks are not state-of-the-art development in ABAP I was really puzzled. For years I was always trying with my colleagues to become more generic to maybe also cover some other use-case which could come in future and now these two guys are telling me I did a bad job?

However they have a valid point: Instead of making things complicated, big and difficult to (automatically...) test it's better to have a simple and small solution which does the job. That's some news...

How to apply real life machine learning

Together with svea.becker we applied some real life hacking machine learning algorithms on ourselves and after some training - it's best to see the result on video:


cschuff showed us a neat framework how you can do automated UI tests using screenshots. Check out his slides for more:

After BOPF comes BO?

I have to admit I'm slowly starting to understand BOPF and now it's already deprecated?! Don't worry says andre.fischer because the main idea stays the same so it still makes sense to look at BOPF even if BO is coming.

SAP security is important

I would have never thought a SAP security presentation would be memorable but joris.vandevis3 did a great job in packing a dry topic into a very enjoyable presentation. SAP security patching is a very underestimated topic and Joris showed us that if your system is not up to date it's very easy to hack into it. Applying security patches regulary (more often than once a year which from his experience happens quite often) is very important especially if your business relies heavily on the system.

After SAP knowledge there comes the äppelwoi experience

After listening, talking, thinking, angering, cheering and even dancing about SAP we had the opportunity to calm down with a good äppelwoi and a Frankfurter Schnitzel with green sauce (sounds like boar with mint sauce) it was time to get back home!

Big thanks

I would like to thank all the organizers for a perfectly organized event!--

For us it was an amazing event and we're ready for the next one!