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Easy and quick remote connection option for a quick assistance from SAP

Hello mates,

How many time do you found a lot of problems with your customer's/collage when someone need to open and R/3 remote connection for SAP for a Very High message and you spend a lot of time while fighting with saprouter, firewalls, dmz's, external partnners, bla,bla, bla.

SAP AGS support team usually ask to us to open the R/3 remote connection, with that connection they can work better and found the root cause of the problem related quickly, but sometimes you found always a lot of problems, let go to see an usual customer scenario.


One of our customer found a problem on a one of CRM linked to a netweaver portal system, hosted on a Exernal Partner Datacenter that have a strong DMZ security polices and a high security restrictions. That customer need support on to check a problem on web client crmui interface (that's not relevant).

If you need to open remote connection as indicated on sap Note 1281633 - Speed Up Processing of a Customer Message, for that type of problem you need to open R/3 connection, http remote connection anf if it's possible mstc, lets go to see what we have to setup for allow remote connection and how may time we can spend on it.

Honest process/time to open it with R/3

    1. Request authorization for allow that type of remote connection in a strong security datacenter ( 1 day if you are lucky)
    2. Call firewall partner to open xx ports for R/3 and http ( 5 hours )
    3. Call sap system administrator for setup saprouter, check OSS1 settings and maybe renew snc ( 8 hours )
    4. Call DMZ partnner to allow communication from exernal IP address ( 5 hours )
    5. Call SO administrator for allow external SO user a mtsc remote connection ( 5 hours )

We will need more than 3 days (or more) to open R/3 remote connection on that DMZ scenario, we will spend more time for alow the remote connection that the time that support team need for fulfill SLA's.


The is a littler remote software that it's not usually know-ed for old sap consultants, Remote Netviewer Software, collage that works with systems like BO use that software because on BO it's not possible to allow an R/3 connection. Let's go to see how many time we can spend on the same scenario explained before with that software.

Honest process/time to open the remote connection trough Netview:

1.- Open the remote connection on sap marketplace for related system

2.- Create/update  message to indicate that the remote connection is allowed trough netview and request the message processor netview session number

3.- Once message processor give yu the netview session number, open client software from and enter the session number.

4.- Now Message Processor will be able to see your desktop and request control of for access to the system.

Just 4 quick and simple steps that allow message processor manage your laptop/computer/server from where you run the Netview client without any type of problem and without the need to open firewall ports, setup saprotuer, etc...


If you need quick assistance for a very high issue, open Netview Remote connection.

Remember to don't do that if you don't have a big issue or a quick solution to solve the problem, use that type of connection is hard for support team

More information about Netview connection:

Download Software:

SAP Support Notes

Note 1036616 - Netviewer support sessions

Note 1311904 - Setup netviewer conection

Note 1311904 - How to setup and configure Netviewer connection from Service Market Place (SMP)


From Solution Manager higher than SP07 you can open that type of connection trough service backbone, just allow it from SMP and open Service Backbone on Solution Manager.

Best Regards,