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Few days back I was trying my hands on dunning. I have rarely touched this function of the module. Most of my work was limited to PPI, payment runs and notifications.

For those who are not aware of the Duning process of FSCD, you can get information from SAP help.

While testing dunning, I was trying to dunn the due items as soon as I was posting them. The dunning letters generated did not have anything in them, but the headers. The Dunning proposal run and dunning activity was showing dunning notices as processed. But the print run FPCOPARA was generating empty dunning notices.

We cannot dunn a customer before we send him the invoice of the due open items. We need to do invoice run before dunning run.  But what I don't understand that without invoice run, dunning proposal and activity should not show as notice generated. In the application log, we should get the error that referenced invoice could not be found so dunning letter could not be generated.

Also,after invoice run VYCOV004, I didn't print invoices. After invoicing, I did the dunning runs and notice was successfully generated. But my confusion is, when we have done the invoice run and we have not printed the invoices, means the invoices has not been sent to the customers. So again, dunning should not process notices.

Is there anything which I'm missing while dunning the due items because of which I'm having these questions.

I'm new to many processes of  FSCD. If anyone has answers to my questions, please do help me.