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jamie.oswald, greg.myers3, clint.vosloo, and eric.vallo were at SAPPHIRE last week and had a chance to connect with kurt.bilafer and Alex.  Kurt and Alex come to the table with a different perspective than many of us in the US community.  We try and get a little more perspective about the path to BI4 for APJ customers and what the challenges are.

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0:22 - Clint is in the house!  He only came for the showers.

0:49 - Kurt Bilafer, Regional Vice president of Analytics, Asia, Pacific & Japan at SAP joins us as well.

1:00 - SAP BusinessObjects BI4.1 is RTC/Ramp up ready!

1:39 - BI4 vs. Bi4.1 - Should I stay or should I go?  Nah nah nuh nuh nah nah nah.

2:52 - Analytics takes front stage at SAPPHIRE and we all feel good.

3:25 - Clint says don't wait, start sandboxing BI4 now.

5:21 - Was FP3 the 4.1 we always wanted?  If so, does that diminish the impact of the real 4.1?

6:50 - Go big go home - BI4 is ginormous.

7:00 - Analytics drives businesses.  Fact.

7:22 - Better hooks into SAP BW and SAP HANA.

7:58 - Alex Andrenacci of Accenture in APJ joins us!

8:52 - Test test test and test more before you go.

9:26 - Clint waxes poetic or something about dam data.

10:25 - What to migrate and when?

16:40 - The opportunity to revisit how we deliver information is great.  Take it.

17:11 - A network of truth is an opportunity for a bunch of users to enrich the data.

18:17 - Business needs to have a seat at the table as the migration happens to learn to take the most advantage of new capability.

19:54 - Creating awareness in technology in the new SAP BI suite tools.

22:21 - Novel idea: IT needs to redevelop it's own road show to get business user buy in on the new capabilities.

23:05 - Driving a bigger SAP Community Network via APJ?  Challenge...accepted.

24:08 - Has the idea of a competency center taken shape in APJ?

25:17 - Tableau and Qlikview has taken full advantage of the need of the power user.

30:45 - Even if an org is missing a competency center, the business needs a champion in IT that gets the business.

31:36 - A google like search...we've been here before, haven't we?

32:29 - The single biggest barrier to adoption - we make things more complicated than they have to be?  Is that an SAP issue or a development work product issue?

33:41 - Data is absolutely key.  The universe creates user-friendly terms for complex data structures.  Just sayin'.

35:15 - Interesting take - user behavior drives data quality.

36:17 - Analytics journey to ROI is dependent on data quality, tools, and more.  The problem is the business has an assumption the data is already right.

39:27 - That old converation about 400 tools to solve a problem comes up again.  This is a topic that needs a deeper dive.

41:04 - What is the state of tne Analytics bundles in APJ?  We've already recently plugged here, but what's the scoop globally? 

44:21 - Clint with a valid point - so few customers have actually heard of the bundles.  Why?

45:00 - BetterBOBJ in APJ is in play.  Don't miss it.

45:21 - Accenture and EV Technologies announce for the first time a strategic partnership in APJ for implementing BI4.