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Display Check box in SAP Smart Forms




1.0  Overview

This document describes the methodology and approach to display the Check box in SAP Smart forms for Space Optimization in printing when printed on Laser Jet Printers, which results in cost reduction of paper printing.

2.0  Scope

The approach specified in this document is applicable to all the printing on laser jet printers (PCL), where we want to optimize the space utilization in printing.

3.0 Steps to displayed the check box

  1. Create a smart form with all necessary windows containing information to be displayed.
  2. In order to print the check box selects the required window for e.g. CHEAKBOX window .
  3. In general attribute Tab insert the SAP Symbol by clicking in Editor Button  
  4. Click on include-> Characters ->SAP symbol pop up screen will appear.
  5. Double click on selected checkbox symbol you can see the code 697 in editor.
  6. Text 697 id the code for selected checkbox.
  7. Repeat this procedure for unchecked box (Code 727).