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1. Open Windows Registry Editor. Go to Windows->Run->regedit.

2. In 32-bit computers, traverse

In 64-bit computers, traverse HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Silverlight

3. Add these two keys in the registry.

4. Depending on your Version and Service Pack for Personas, select and download the appropriate Certificate (.cer file) from the SAP Note The files are provided at the bottom of the note.


Personas 2.0 SP02 is same as Personas 1.0 SP04. So download the file corresponding to 1.4 i.e. PersonasCertificate_1.4.000.cer

Personas 2.0 SP03 is same as Personas 1.0 SP05. So download the file corresponding to 1.5 i.e PersonasCertificate_1.5.000.cer

5. Open the Certificate. Click on ‘Install Certificate’.

6. Click on ‘Next’. Select the second radio button (Place all certificates in the following store), and click on ‘Browse’.

7. Select ‘Trusted Publishers’ in the pop-up of ‘Select Certificate Store’.

8. Click ‘Ok’, then click ‘Next’, and then eventually, click on ‘Finish’.

9. You’ll get this pop-up box indicating successful completion.

10. To confirm the mode, go to SAP Personas, click on the 'Help' button (question mark).

Thanks! Hope it helps :smile: