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SAP Imagineering has recently released Screen Personas for creating better user experience (UX) for SAP users.

SAP Personas
(Source: SAP)

"Personalization without Programming. SAP Screen Personas provides a simple, drag and drop approach to modify many common SAP GUI screens to make them more usable as well as more visually appealing."

While it may be tempting to focus on the Screen and make it 'better' by eliminating steps, this solution offers a great opportunity for rethinking users' goals and the most effective means of achieving them. Even though users appear to be  clicking buttons and entering data on the Screen, they have a Goal and they are actually making operational decisions. Picking values from a drop down or routing the transaction to colleagues are all decisions that the user makes. Decisions are based on experience and expertise - or based on applicable business policies and rules - or based on insights from a report or analytics.

The most effective SAP Screen Persona will place all elements of decision-making in context with process-steps on the Screen.

This design approach would require an explicit focus on Decisions first. Decision Models will need to be built that map user Goals to Information Sources - SAP Transactions, Screens, Fields and Business Objects required; and to Knowledge Sources - HTML components that provide contextual business rules, policies and analytic insights to help make the decision. Decision models have business and systems contexts that take into account organization structure, functional authorizations, business processes, events and other environmental elements.


A decision-centric design is the most comprehensive way to benefit from SAP Screen Personas technology.