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After Upgrading our Solution Manager system from version 7.0EHP1 to 7.1 SP12, we got also Netweaver 7.02.

Our system is on IBM DB2 database.

Thus tablespaces:





Are replaced by:





I started a discussion here : Tablespaces after Solution Manager Upgrade

Another thread here: [Help] Shrink/Delete obsolete tablespace after SAP Upgrade

The logical thing is to delete the old tablespaces because they ocupy too much empty space.

According to the SUM guide you also have to delete those.

SLM#ES700D and SLM#ES700I were deleted without any problems, because they are empty.

SLM#EL700D and SLM#EL700I cannot be deleted because they contain tables: ACALERTREPT and ACEVENTREPT.

There is a note  1715052, but I do not find it quite useful.


I could not find any information does Netweaver 7.02 need these 2 tables!!

Thus I have to move both tables to the new tablespaces: SLM#EL702D and SLM#EL702I

DO NOT use IBM Data Studio!

Read Note 1513862 and download the attached SAR file. There is a transport inside - data and cofile.

Import it with STMS and you will have the DB6CONV tool in SE38.

Start the tool and move both tables. After that you can delete the tablespace from ST04.

Note: sometimes the buttons in ST04 for add/delete/etc tablespace are not active. In my case I had to use trans DBCO, enter edit mode and double click +++DB6ADM. After that reenter the password and save.

Note 2061405 - Maintenance tabs in DBAcockpit are disabled