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Great Conference so far.


Satya Nadella's entry as part of the Keynote - Great to see 2 Global leaders engage in a conversation!

Many conversations on S/4 Finance - did not appear as big an upgrade if you are already on Suite on HANA.

Woz - definitely inspiring


Poor content on some of the sessions

Demos not working as planned

We are already on Suite on HANA and working on S/4 Finance (mostly 1503 release). However, there are still a few questions to be answered. Please feel free to comment if any has insight to any of this:

1. There is some advice out there to migrate to S/4 over a Period end. In fact, I was told that it is a stringent requirement from SAP to migrate over a period end. What happens if a Company has 4 Company codes, with 2 Fiscal Variants and different Periods?

2. Can you migrate to S/4 Finance , One Company code at a time? or is this a Client level migration?

3. We already know about ACDOCA and the Universal Journal. During the migration, is every accounting document currently stored in the SAP system (we have records dated back to 2003) migrated to Universal Journal or is there a From Date that we could choose as we really don't need data from 4 years back to show up in the Universal Journal as long as we can still run the current reports to access them. Plus, think about the validation effort if we have all data migrated to Universal Journal.

4. We use Cost based COPA and would like to keep using that at least for some time. Would the Characteristics from COPA show up in the ACDOCA Table as just another set of fields?

5. We run Classic GL and are looking to upgrade to New GL. Is there really a constraint to do this over a Year end? if so, read Question-1.

6. I know Document splitting is not available if we don't upgrade to NEW GL, but what about Parallel Ledgers? I heard it is not available in 1503 without New GL but how about the 1511 release?

Overall, a few more Customer stories around the migration would definitely help. Tomorrow, I will concentrate much more on S/4 Logistics and the 1511 release. BTW, I will post answers to the above questions once I hear back from SAP's Finance team.