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For various Business roles such Regional Sales, Financial Operations etc.


Describe how functionality should work to complete user story (simple diagram and/or short description):

1) Contract Start and End Dates to be disabled for all roles except Financial Operations

On the  Quotation are currently enabled across the business roles. If the date types are made “display” only at the profile level, this impacts all the business roles. So, these need to be available for editing only on the Financial Operations Role (instead of making it disabled for Sales role, specifically)

The Financial Operations role does not have the “DATES” assignment block displayed in the overview screen of the quotation by default, so please do not alter the UI configuration for it at the component level.

If you just use the WRENCH icon , you can enable it as below

Technical Details

The Date profile used for the Quotation (ZSCQ) transaction type is


The date types relevant for this profile are

              CONTSTART – Contract Start Date

              CONTEND – Contract End Date

The UI component and the relevant fields are as below

Solution Steps :

GET_I_DATE_FROM Method will be used :

Get the business Role->If its is other than Finance Role and Date type is CONTSTART OR CONTEND then

Make RV_DISABLED = TRUE and Return.


2) Message on Transaction Header for PS Request Activity

Currently during the creation of Opportunities, AM’s need to collaborate with users/colleagues from the Professional Services group, in the event that the opportunity contains PS related line items

In order to create the PS REQUEST ACTIVITY, the AM would populate the values in the PROPOSAL TYPE and STATE fields on the header of the opportunity

Use the combination of these values in any new opportunity that you create

Once these two values are maintained and the opportunity saved, the PLANNED ACTIVITIES assignment block gets updated with the PS Request Activity that gets created, as below

It is at this point in time that the message needs to be shown, since there have been cases where users are not updating the activity with the right status

The requirement is to show a message as below

PS Request Activity created – please open the activity from Planned Activities and set Active Status to ensure colleague notification

Technical Details

Anything needed here????

Solution Steps :

3) Sort alert entries on the HOME page

An activity thus created is used by Professional Services Colleagues to further process and route among themselves, as part of the follow up processing and collaboration with Sales colleagues.

The PS user would open this activity and use the combination of Status and the relevant partner function to trigger alert based notifications to other PS users. These alerts can be viewed on the HOME page of the “INSTITUTE & PS” business role.

And in order to trigger these entries, use the status and partner combination as described before


The alerts on this component currently are sorted in the ASCENDING ORDER and needs to be DESCENDING, based on the time stamp. The latest being on the top

Technical Details

UI Component – GSALERTH

View Name – Alertlist

Solution Steps :

Sorting this list with date and time in descending order in Sort Method/Event.