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There are some challenges to use SAP HTTP web services with time outs. Here is some solution you might need to use while consuming SAP web services in any system

There are couple time outs parameters in SAP system profile you need to worry about and some of them are as below.

Effecting Parameters:

Kernel Parameters:

  • rdisp/gui_auto_logout
  • rdisp/plugin_auto_logout
  • icm/server_port_0 = PROT=HTTP, PORT=10$$, PROCTIMEOUT=xxx

SICF service Parameter:

  • Setting time out on customize service

ICM Parameter:

  • icm/server_port_0 = PROT=HTTP,PORT=10$$,TIMEOUT=3600,PROCTIMEOUT=600

SAP Kernel

SAP kernel regularly checks whether a session is still in use. Any session that is no longer in use is removed. If the parameter rdisp/gui_auto_logout is set, this timeout also applies to HTTP sessions as well as GUI sessions. If you want to increase the timeout for the HTTP sessions, you can do so using the parameter rdisp/plugin_auto_logout.

To increase the session timeout in general for all HTTP sessions, set a shorter timeout than for the other SAP GUIs with the parameter rdisp/plugin_auto_logout.

Winner parameter is : rdisp/gui_auto_logout

Setting time out on SICF

Navigate within the transaction SICF to the specific service or to a specific service tree, double click to get to the service settings and change the session timeout to any value shorter than the general setting of parameter rdisp/plugin_auto_logout

Winner parameter is : rdisp/plugin_auto_logout

ICM Parameter

It may happen that get a 'Connection Timed out' page as an answer a long time before your configured session timeout limit is reached. Usually this timeout is raised because of a processing timeout, which happens if you have long running applications.

Parameter in Kernel : icm/server_port_<nr>

Referance : Note 824554 - ICM and SAP Web Dispatcher Timeout Parameter