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Jim's blogs on SAP TechEd 2009 Berlin


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I buzzed out of the last panel discussion to sit and blog but the SDN site is not available.
This morning I arrived early after an adventurous trip through Berlin, buying a 3 day "Welcome Card" from Deutsche Bahn, whose cute little Point of Sale terminal handheld devices would not process my credit card.  I then took the U2 underground (mainly) from Stadmitte to Kaiserdamm.  Getting off the train and finding the International Congress Center was easy because I spotted someone with an SAP TechEd backpack.

Getting in the building was tougher, as the front door man asked for my "passport" but I knew he was asking for my registration badge, which of course, I didn't have yet.  Showing my actual passport didn't help, until an English speaking host came by.  Then after they rebooted their PC, reset the printer, I got a badge that had someone else's name on it.  But it wasn't a long delay.

  Then the final check-in, which was pretty easy because Gali and I had met last year at Community Day and have corresponded about SDN since.

Breakfast was good, but I delayed so I could upload videos from the Clue Train ride the day before (hotel internet is extremely pricey).  I met a few new folks, collected a couple more business cards.

I was late for the kick-off session as a few other attendees were bottlenecked so I chatted with Dennis Howlett, then Anne Katherine Petteroe.  Oliver Kohl came by and we talked about how cool the Clue Train was.

My first official session of the day was split between the BPM Governance and the docupedia beta demo.  For my work, supporting a big enterprise landscape, better documentation available and extensible wins hands down.  The fact that it is being deployed through might incentify me (don't you hate that expression) to use the Collaboration Workspace some more.

The second session I attended was on SAP's internal adoption of Business Process Management and I thought it was thoughtful, interesting and more important, an honest view of the challenges of doing process mapping in the real world.


Marilyn Pratt was kind enough to take this shot of me staring at the crowd during my Environmental Impacts of Supply Chain session.  James Governor and Tom Raftery pitched in with lively comments, and Paul Centen expounded a great sustainability definition that challenged us to leave our grandchildren a world similar (or better) to what we have now.


 Following me was an ESME demo and discsussion.   I saw part of it.

I also sat through most of an attempted demo of OpenId.  Gregor Wolf came to the rescue, spinning up a Mac displaying a Windows Vista remote terminal.  It was interesting.