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How did you start your career at SAP?

I was hired with a group of recent college graduates about 3 years ago. A friend of mine who was already working in the CoE let me know about the opportunity.It turned out to be a great experience. The ~20 colleagues I was hired with turned into some of my closest friends, even outside of the office. We/profile/56OQUG8ZT3ZLLriF1AmBfv/documents/QipEamYToveEOUIN3SFFSl/thumbnail?max_x=700&max_y=700 also frequently reach out to each other for advice in our respective areas of expertise. Great friends to have!

Since being hired, I’ve had the chance to be involved in multiple escalations in different areas of SAP which has given me a great perspective on what it takes to drive our customers to success, regardless of system or component.

What are five things people don’t know about you?

-      I’m 6’5” (I guess you’d know this if you met me in person) All of my immediate

        family is over 6’ tall

-      I live in Conshohocken and have a cat named Sid

-      I grew up, went to college, and started my career at SAP all within a 1 hour drive of

       each other

-      I’ve haven’t been to many countries outside of the US, but I hope to travel and see

       many of them one day

-      I enjoy reading, going to concerts, and playing basketball

What motivates you to be successful?

The first thing is the drive to learn something new. Each new challenge helps me build up my knowledge on different areas or potential issues within our SAP ecosystem. Building up my repertoire allows me to become a more valuable resource on each subsequent engagement. Knowing I can use this knowledge and continue to provide a higher level of expertise to our customers keeps me motivated.

My next motivation is that I want to support the SAP team, whether it is my small team I’m onsite with or the global SAP brand. We’re all part of the SAP team, and staying motivated to drive customer success ensures the success and reputation of SAP.

What is your most memorable moment at SAP?

The 1st is when I was hired. It was a great feeling knowing all of my hard work during my time in college paid off and I’d be working at one of the most successful software companies in the world. I called my family and could tell they were all really proud.

Other than that, anytime I’m on an escalation that ends with the customer being happy and appreciative of SAP’s support and solutions is a memorable moment. In the past few years I’ve supported many of our largest customers through escalated or critical situations. I’ve learned so much at each of these engagements and met amazing people along the way.

You were recently involved in an escalation with a customer that resulted in a multi-million dollar MaxAttention contract. How does it feel to have such a direct impact not only on solving customer issues, but with contributing to SAP’s success?

It’s truly one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had working here at SAP. The customer's employees working on this project were putting in many hours and sacrificing a lot in their personal lives. To be able to help them through this escalation and strengthen their trust in SAP was an amazing thing. When they successfully went live, I could tell the people were so grateful for everyone on the team’s hard work and that made the long hours worth it.

Knowing that my knowledge and support helped drive SAP to grow and be successful keeps me motivated to continue to focus on our customers’ success in the future. In the end, both the customer and SAP benefitted and formed a lasting relationship, and I’m happy I could be a part of it. I look forward to similar opportunities and challenges in the future!