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Hi Folks, 

Before starting this blog of mine, let me state than I am also a part of this club of 'SDN'ites who got 'weaved' by the NetWeaver Wave!

My association with SAP has been a little more than four years and it is not an overstatement to say that I happened to be one of the fortunate blokes who had a first hand taste of evolution of SAP Netweaver right from the launching of '' days!

When I joined SAP in 2000, ITS was just becoming popular and the buzz, excitement, curiosity about near 'automatic conversion' of SAP GUI to Web GUI left me amused and that amusement immediately turned into an excitement when I managed to come up with my first example of SAP Web application using ITS.

The excitement hasn't stopped since then... in fact it had just started... I was part of the very first few projects which used business server pages right from the inception of BSP in WAS. The development experience was kind of pleasantly agonizing as we, the first customers of BSP runtime had to understand the nuances of the BSP programming and then realize the business processes in our programming by delivering the BSP iViews as a   Business Package in Enterprise Portal environment. (That time there was no HTMLB tag library, MVC model!  Now life has been made very easy for BSP programmers). But then once our application was ready for release, the adrenalin shot up with a sense of pride and achievement and yes, reminded us of the same excitement of ITS days for having been a part of an interesting (r)evolution..

Since then, my worklife here has changed... constantly trying to fill up the never satiating appetite!!... Updating with the new features of SAP WAS and other components like Enterprise portal, Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence, etc. had become a daily chorus irrespective of whether they are part of my ongoing development work or not! But till 7-8 months ago, that was a kind of ad hoc way of realizing the power of each of  these components as seen solely in the view of that particular component without really visualizing the power and ease of enterprise service development when all these components are put together seamlessly!

And here is SAP NetWeaver...

The perfect integration platform comprising People, Processes & Information integration based on SAP Web Application Server giving a holistic development and integration platform around any suite of applications... SAP or Non-SAP.

...and what better gateway than SDN which can take us through the 'NetWeaver Web' and give us perfect insight as to how to drive innovation in our future developments keeping the reduction of TCO as a prime factor!

Blogging away to glory.....