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I ran into Rui Nogueira on the train to SAP TechEd 2010 between Mannheim and Berlin.  Craig  Cmehil, pictured on the right in the first picture below, introduced me  before we got on board.  There was some sort of minor family crisis as  Rui almost missed the train, but arrived on time to begin the journey.   We had less than an hour before the rest of the Clue Train crew boarded  in Frankfurt, which was enough time to get the sense of Rui, at least in  non-working conditions.  I'd consider him a friend now, not just a  colleague or a check-box on a LinkedIn panel.


Rui's  main job at SAP currently is managing the Code Exchange project, and  TechEd Berlin was to the the initial "go-live" for this source code  repository and community space.  The Innovation Weekend that Craig and  others organized included presentations by Rui, distribution of the  terms of use, and at least one hands-on ramp-up practice.  The next week  in Las Vegas I'm sure a few ASUG members met Rui for the second  Innovation Weekend.


On  Friday, November 12, 2010, Rui and I spoke over a telephone connection,  partly to organize an upcoming webcast, but also to record a podcast  that I would share.  We spoke about the development of Code Exchange,  both from a historical perspective, but also about the engines beneath  it.  The terms of use, open source, and other aspects should engage a  few more members from the ASUG side.  Rui has blogged about the project  extensively on SCN.  See:



The podcast recording is online:


Podcast on SAP Code Exchange with Rui Nogueira 12-Nov-2010


  • Basics of Code Exchange (history, current state).
  • Challenges faced by SAP in hosting this.
  • Reasons contributors may or may not participate
  • Comparison to the SCN wiki Code Gallery
  • SAP Mentor involvement
  • Brief mention of ASUG webcast
  • Next steps, changes, etc.


  If you are an ASUG member, you should check out the webcast on December 7, 2010.  See here to register - ASUG membership required:


  I thank Rui in advance for his willingness to speak to the Americas in what will be a late hour for him and am looking forward to hearing his thoughts again.



Rui Nogueira, Craig Cmehil


Fred Verheul, Andy Singleton, Rui Nogueira


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