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HANA technology first came up with incredible speed slogan into the market and proved its force by side-car solutions. Then after being matured by BW and BPC, HANA's incredible processing speed became de-facto.

By positioning HANA in the heart of SAP ERP solution and assuring the position by announcing S/4 HANA. Being for the foundation of innovation and digital transformation, eco-system has started to discuss other advantages brought by HANA and speed fact has lost the first place. Or we have thought such.

But no, still speed is one of the main leverage for HANA migrations. Last month I have attented IDC CIO summit Turkey 2016 and I had many chances to discuss with CIOs, digital transformation, IoT and ofcourse HANA. I have raised this question:

In which database that do you think that SAP products performs best? I have also raised this question in twitter in order to have more opinion, results were very close to my face-to-face poll: I am sharing here the twitter results, because I did not record my face to face interviews' results.

EcoSystem is sure about HANA, after this I have asked them their plan to HANA migration, almost all of the SAP customers' CIOs told me that HANA migration is included in their mid-term plans.

Then I have asked what is the main driver for HANA migration. Results very much in-line with twitter poll: (I have used the answers of CIOs for twitter poll options )

I wanted to share twitter polls, I know numbers are very few to get meaningful opinion, but results are very close my face to face interviews.

Finally Speed is still the main driver in SAP Turkish EcoSystem. And it looks, many HANA migrations are on board in very near future.