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Please Note: This blog provides links to information in SAP Service Marketplace, which requires that you log in there. If you need to register for a Service Marketplace login, or have forgotten your password, try the useful FAQ. If you already have a Service Marketplace login and would like to associate it with your SDN login, then we can help you right here.

The SAP Notes You Need for Working with NetWeaver

While the production of installation and implementation guides, and of documentation in SAP library, is coordinated with the SP stack release dates, sometimes some information needs an update between major releases. Other information, such as performance topics, is subject to a great many updates. These details are covered in a series of SAP notes.

Each document refers you to the set of SAP notes specific to it. However, you can get ready in advance:
We summarized the central SAP notes you need for the successful implementation of SAP NetWeaver on the following pages: