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go to spro>grc>access control>> workflow for access control.

click define workflow related MSMP rule.

select process id and

fill details as per below screenshot as per your naming convention

use BRF+flat rule for line item.

click item select connector and click OK(green rightsymbol)

attached screenshot.

since connetor is specfic to client you require ment is based on that.

Once generation done you will see the below screen.

Now click on Define BRF rule.

it will open in browser.

select the Rule you have created.

exapnd as show. and click the function ZINIT_1 shown in example.

on right hand side you will see top expression ZINIT_1.

Click Top expression (ensure you are in edit mode)

then new screencomes click insert new row.

give detail of connector.

in line item key, select from context parameter and select item num.

rule result value is like initiator 1,

similarly fr each connector you can have inititoator defined.

now save and activate the brf+function.

and copy function id.

now to msmp.

in change mode to to maintain rules. click add

given function id of brf+,give description, select rule type and select rule kind

now save it.once you save it you can see at the above. and click these and add results

use same case and wod you have put in rule result vale in brf+

and at below screen you will see process initator use new initiator created.

now assuming you have your path and stages defined then go to maintain route mapping.

and map your result value.

then save and generate new version

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