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There was a recent discussion on twitter about how to get to know BOPF better.

As all the mentions ( gregor.wolf4, volker.wegert , fred.verheul, martin.fischer, custodio.deoliveira, james.wood ) made it impossible to actually add content in a new tweet, this "blog" shall serve as container for longer messages. Let's see whether this works out.

There is a course WDEBOF at SAP university which is an onsite-training. I'm a trainer for that course.

Let me give you some insights on the course:

  • Duration: The course is designed for two days. I never managed to get all the content even read in two days. For a serious knowledge-transfer, at least a third day is necessary. The inhouse-training at SAP took five days for the same content. When I held the course, I cut some advanced chapters in favor for excercises.
  • Content: ABAP is essential pre-requisite, but some architectural knowledge helps a lot. I even had the experience that an ABAP Newbie who was a good C# developer and architect showed the best understanding.
  • Location: The course is a class-room-training and I like it that it is. There's usually a lot of interaction during the exercises ("why do I get this shortdump?") and questions during the slides ("can this be compared to...?"). Having it in a VC would definitely require a different set-up (you can't have persons 8hrs/day online listening). On the other hand, a code-jam is much too short if you want to productively use it afterwards.
  • Requesting a training: Apart from the planned dates which you can get from the course's page, individual trainings also at other sites are common (to train a team of developers about to implementing something e. g. in TM).
    Therefore, I guess that it should be possible to request an offer by SAP for a custom training, even a VC - if there were enough participants joining.

Are you interested in participating? Leave a comment and we'll see to the feedback.