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As per my understanding, after analysing about risks and rewards in Cloud Computing, as per existing market trends and emerging boom in Cloud Computing, it may force some of our CxOs to rethink about in rewriting their existing Strategies and  Planning processes to while adopting the Cloud Computing, to achieve their Revised Targets. Some of my views about the definitions in cloud computing environment are described below:

What is Cloud Computing?

Integration of client’s Data centre over the Internet (Cloud) with service provider’s data centre for providing a computing support “As A Shared Service” through internet to client in administration, maintenance and usage of their Applications, Platforms and Infrastructure areas.

What are emerging types of Cloud computing platforms?

  1. Public Cloud Computing Platforms
  2. Private Cloud Computing Platforms

As per Tim Ferguson, Microsoft has announced a new package of services aimed at businesses wanting to create their own private cloud infrastructures based on the Windows Server operating system.

Private cloud infrastructures allow organizations to use cloud computing to deliver hosted applications while keeping data within the company or at least isolated from other businesses. It is often touted as a way to gain the benefits of traditional public cloud computing, such as flexibility and scalability, while still guaranteeing data security.

Who are the Key Stakeholders in Cloud Computing apart from CIO?

Cloud Business Strategist

Cloud Vendor Managers

Cloud Service Providers

What are enormous services in Cloud computing segments?

IAAS-Infrastructure As A Service

PAAS-Platform As A Service

S (A) AAS –Software (Application) As A Service

Infrastructure as service - private cloud

According to Lachal, as well as infrastructure as a service in the public cloud, private cloud will be an increasingly important area in 2011.

Private cloud is the term describing when businesses take advantage of technology pioneered by cloud computing vendors to modernize their own internal datacenters, by combining virtualization, automation and scalability

Platform as a service

The third area of cloud computing to have emerged in recent years is platform as a service, which describes a set of services hosted by vendors on which companies are able to develop and host applications.

Microsoft describes its Windows Azure technology as a platform as a service because, unlike infrastructure as a service, it has an integrated software layer on which applications developed using Java, .NET, PHP and XML, among others, can run.

Benefits in Cloud Computing:

Majority of Cost Savings in IT Budgets

How to understand about the Challenges in Cloud Computing:

01.  Needs upgrading the knowledge of understanding how the service providers provide the security in cloud.

02.  Assume that the securing data is as a shared responsibility and the same has to be implemented in the client’s data centers also, by increasing the awareness among developers about its key role and with the best configuration methods.

03.  As per Forrester research, understood that most of the cloud service providers are with high security standards than their clients’ corporate datacenters

04.  A recent survey by Forrester Research found that security is the main concern about IaaS technology for 58 per cent of European technology decision-makers.

05.  About the levels of security achieved by cloud service providers are often higher than those seen in corporate datacenters, as security is an essential requirement for their reputation as good service providers.

06.  Need to tackle the Compliance by ensuring that the service providers have compliance certification

07.  Addressing some of privacy issues that businesses should be conscious of as differences in law between countries have the potential to cause problems.

08.  Issue of safe harbour agreements in which two countries - or a company and a country - agree to hold data in a way that satisfies national guidelines.

Source: letters

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