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Shamelessly stolen from tammy.powlas's blog post from last year, and probably a good first post in my own blog.  Is it blogging backward if I steal it?  No idea if I should post this in my own blog or in About SCN, but here goes nonetheless.

I'm Mike, born and raised in the Memphis, TN area my whole life.  I've been an IT geek in one flavor or another since my first computer I had at the age of 7, a TI-99/4A, for those who weren't Commodore 64 zealots :wink:   -- I learned TI-BASIC and was fascinated with the prospect of being a video game programmer for Nintendo (what video-gamer child of the 80s wasn't?)

Well, I don't work for a video game shop today, but still try to make time for playing them between my other responsibilities of being a husband and father of soon to be 2 children.  My day job is in the exciting world of #BI, #Business_Objects and #BW, and all the collateral subject matter areas that revolve around them such as #HTML5, CSS, and #JavaScript, and some #SDK work (a code monkey for life, after all).

As I mentioned, my spare time is mostly being a dad and husband, and trying to keep up with my single or children-less kids when I can. :smile:

  • What was your dream job as a kid?
    It's a close tie between being an astronaut or a video game programmer.  When the Challenger exploded, I ruled out astronaut.  I'll take BI as a replacement for the latter, though.
  • What is your favorite place in the world?
    Probably somewhere I've never been yet.  I'd like to travel more to make better choice, but for now I'd say that Chicago has been the most memorable.  I'd love to visit New York, Japan and Germany at some point.
  • Recommend resources of information that helped you in your work
    SCN, SMP, Google, Twitter - In no particular order.  Google usually leads me to SCN anyways.
  • What is the best resource of information in SCN?
    Not to name drop, but I inevitably run into great posts or blog postings by tammy.powlas and ingo.hilgefort so following prevalent members of SCN that are proven knowledgeable people means I know where I can turn to, in order get accurate information.