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element. It's an element from the WhatWG Web application 1.0 specifications, better known as HTML 5. So what does this tag do? In short it will enable you to draw graphics on the browser side via scripting, in most cases this will be JavaScript. You need to copy and paste it locally to see what the result is. Or you can have a look at my test site to see what the result is.

Nicer stuff can be found at:

[ |] lastpos = ; A working example can be found at my testing site.

*For what it's worth *

This might be a déjà vu for some of you. Indeed it looks similar to the applets (hype) of several years back. There are some differences though in the fact that no extra software needs to be installed, and no time consuming bytecode downloads are needed. But that doesn't mean that it doesn't demand something from your system. In the contrary, one needs to be careful not to grind the whole system to a halt. Try this demo  for instance and play a bit with higher numbers. You'll see your CPU rapidly reach 100%.
All this is rather premature and for the moment, you will only see the fun  things. It can be more useful though, like in this live charting  , using AJAX .
Is this only Safari and Firefox ? No, it can be somewhat emulated in MIE ( and it seems that Opera 9 will support this too. </p>


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