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Are you heading to Orlando for ASUG Annual Conference 2018/SAPPHIRE NOW and have an interested in Analytics and Business Intelligence? Then the ASUG BI Community has the perfect session for you on Thursday at 12:30pm: ASUG BI Community Networking

Join ASUG BI Community Volunteers, any SAP Analytics experts we can find and bribe to attend and anyone else with a pulse that can spell ‘B.I.’ (like maybe this guy) as we network and discuss whatever analytics news happened during the event. With the ‘Statement of Direction’ from this winter still dominating discussions in some circles, there should be lots of analytics to talk about. You also get the chance to talk to ASUG BI Volunteers and voice your opinion on what the ASUG BI Community should try to cover for the rest of the year.

As an additional bonus, we are going to have some special giveaways to folks who make the trek to the ASUG Hub. Check out these sweet pins:’s Crystal Reports 25th birthday and we’re going to help SAP celebrate! Our intrepid BI Community Facilitator, Tammy Powlas, has secured a good number of these cool items and we’re going to hand them out at the session. I know that the volunteers are looking forward to event and hope you can make it!


Session Title: ASUG BI Community Networking
Session ID: ASUG12137
Session Type: Networking/Meetup
Day/Time: Thursday, 12:30pm - 1:30pm
Location: ASUG Hub: Meet-Up 2 Theater (Show Floor)

Agenda Builder URL:


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