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Hello Friends--

For past so many years i have been taking GRC interviews and  some important aspect i would like to share for all those who are willing to pursue the career in GRC --

There are 2 aspects to look into this :

On the Functional Point of view :

1 - Firstly understand why an Organisation needs SAP GRC, and what are the benefits of implementing the complete Kit.
2 - Understand the various compliance structure around the Globe and how they are mapped to the organisations internal process.
3- Design a Standard Roadmap for various sectors of the Industry and align it to the organizational need.

On the Technical Point :

1 - Those who are from SAP Security background, who understand SAP Authorizations, believe me, GRC will be a smooth ride, you just need to understand what are the different functionality in SAP GRC and need to know when and how to use this functionality.-- Technically its a cake walk.

2 - Those with Support experience of SAP GRC - In your job, the work is restricted to certain tabs of GRC, but with the help of social media you can explore lot of learning. Utilise your time in understanding various functionality, learn the subject well, when you get an opportunity learn in the demo servers, Implementation is not the only means of having expertise in GRC, its ones commitment and learning skills which will help in understanding the concepts.

3 - Those who want to learn SAP GRC - Please go through the GRC training material, and seek help in the social media, i am sure our fellow colleagues will come forward and help in training.

Whenever you prepare for an interview, make sure you have known the subject well, even without experience, what the recruiters will look for is how good are you with the concepts and how well you can explain those functionalities. It clicksss..

And yes, i am waiting for all those who are willing to be an GRC expert to work along :smile:

All the Best-- :smile:

Sandeep Poojary