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Nearly a year ago, I wrote my last (and first) blog post here on SCN about my experience as the only college student at SAP's Innojam on Mobility in the SAP Labs, Palo Alto, CA. Shortly after leaving, I had said I wanted to be back in California for the summer of 2012 because of the positive experience I had at the Innojam. Though I won't be working with SAP technologies this summer, I will be back in the Silicon Valley this summer, excited to work for Klout, a startup company that measures a person's influence based on social media.

Last summer, I discovered my passion for programming, technology, and innovation. My IT internship last summer at an environmental non-profit exposed me to the versatility and importance of programming and technology while my brief, yet rich, experience at the Innojam exposed me to the ever-changing technology and innovation that exists in the field. Since last summer, I've changed my major from Biomedical Engineering, a top-rated major at Duke University, to a double major of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science as well as actively pursue relevant extracurricular activities that range from working in a startup company on campus to the online development team for the campus newspaper.

The goal this past year was to return to Silicon Valley, where I first interacted with innovation. After applying for several positions, I was lucky enough to be accepted as a KPCB Engineering Fellow working at Klout this summer. The KPCB Engineering Fellowship is in its inaugural year and is sponsored by the VC firm KPCB to attract college students to internships at its portfolio companies. In my case, I'll be spending the summer at Klout, an extremely innovative setting to spend 13 weeks. Needless to say, SAP's Innojam on Mobility pointed me towards a path that appeared sooner rather than later, and I'm thankful for that.

Unfortunately, I won't be working with SAP technologies at Klout, but I thought I would share this because of my experience at SAP's Innojam. While SAP HANA may be something that could be attractive to Klout in the future, the startup develops with open-source technologies such as Scala, Hadoop, and Node.js, the Server-Side Javascript technology that I'll be working with this summer.

Nevertheless, I hope to have another great experience working with SAP in the near future! Thanks for reading!