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Digital Government:

The motivation behind this blog is to provide a general description of the best practices implemented by the public administration of the Government of the State of Guanajuato applying various SAP resources and technology through electronic signature, this in order to improve the services that are provide to the citizenry and the state.



The Government of the State of Guanajuato, through the Ministry of Finance, Investment and Administration, is the state with the largest implementation of SAP in Mexico. SAP has been used in the State of Guanajuato for more than 25 years. The implementation started with the modules of accounting and budget. Over the years GRP functionalities have been enabled to strengthen the operation. Currently, there are financial, logistics, human resources and collection modules, such as PS, FM, CO, GL, AA, AR, AP, TR, HCM, PM, MM, TRM, as well as SAP peripherals including SRM and BW. Consolidated onto this platform are the processes that include more than 219 administrative units. These administrative units operate across the platform and have thus become the transversal IT platform that manages, systematizes and automates the main needs of the Government of the State of Guanajuato.

The Ministry of Finance, Investment and Administration, with the use of SAP, efficiently and responsibly manages the State Public Treasury, through the TRM module, performs 100% of the collection that has a register of more than 3,000,000 taxpayers through 100 physical offices (collectors), 26 commercial chains and more than 1,600 payment points.

Facilitated by the financial and logistics SAP business lines, through SRM, there is a list of more than 21,646 suppliers that carry out the state purchasing processes including, through SAP PI, VIM and Opentext, the invoice reception processes.

In regard to human resources, utilizing the HCM SAP module, the payroll of 26,038 employees of the State Government are processed.

Likewise, through the PO solution, 149 systems are integrated and connected by the Secretariat (portals, apps, applications and services). Of these systems: 50 systems are a direct point of contact with citizens, 80 systems are portals for the state government operation, 10 systems are for SFIA administrative processes, 4 systems are for investments and auctions and, lastly, 5 systems are for Decentralized Organizations and Municipalities.

Thus, through the GRP SAP, 20 Secretariats, 53 parastatal companies, 6 autonomous organizations, 36 municipalities, 101 paramunicipal entities and 2 trusts are administered. Through the application of SAP products we are strengthening our public administration and providing transparency to our citizens.


For the Fiscal Requirements Signature Automation project, the main objective was to support non-paying taxpayers from the State of Guanajuato for their prompt inclusion into the Federal Tax System. A comprehensive communication strategy was carried out to connect and communicate with said taxpayers through the issuance of notifications providing all the necessary information available to them so that they can carry out their tax regularization in a timely manner. Within the strategy, several points were considered that have a direct and beneficial impact on the taxpayers:

  • Through a customer transaction in SAP (using ABAP language and Smartforms formats), the massive distribution of notifications for the omitted obligations sent by the Tax Administration Service (the federal entity in charge of collecting taxes) is carried out. These documents include a QR code, with which the legitimacy of the document can be verified quickly and easily. This is administered through a web service published from SAP and passing through PO, thus guaranteeing the confidentiality of the information.

  • Streamlining the process of issuing notifications allows their delivery in the shortest possible time and reduces the amount of surcharges and fines to which the unknowing taxpayer becomes a creditor, since these increase with the passing of the days. By delivering the information in less time the amount to be paid for fines and surcharges is reduced. This reduction in time directly supports the strengthening of taxpayers' assets and is achieved by extracting information from SAP.

  • Integration of the Certified Electronic Signature of the Government of the State of Guanajuato in the authorization of notifications that are issued to taxpayers provides legal certainty of the process and information security, thereby eliminating the need for a signed autograph.

  • The information generated in this process allows the State Government to collect and use the data to identify and interpret its trends through the analytics provided by the BW SAP tool, which the Government of Guanajuato utilizes.


  • The time necessary to obtain a signature was reduced by 82%, from an autograph signature of notifications to an electronic signature. This translates into a reduction in operating time.

  • Agile and organized operation allows the administrative staff to achieve a better use of resources so that the deadlines established for the execution of the processes that depend on the issuance of fiscal requirements are met.

  • Elimination of the signature processing activity of the office personnel in the 42 collection centers, allows the time allocated for this staff to be used in other activities and in the improvement of new processes.

  • Elimination of errors in the capture of general data of tax notifications by systematizing the process. This information is now obtained directly from the system.

  • Increase in collection amounts. As a result of the decrease in execution times, the State of Guanajuato income has increased.

  • Benefits to the patrimony of the Guanajuato citizens.

  • Health care for operating personnel.

  • Environmental improvement, since errors are not generated, there are no unnecessary reprints, contributing to improving the environment by not wasting paper.

SAP in conjunction with new technologies supports operational public servants involved in tax service issues with the optimization of service time and the optimization of more productive activities.

Thanks for reading the blog this far. I hope the blog has been informative and useful for anyone who needs to know about best practices in Digital Government.

Feel free to ask any questions or let me know in the comments if it helped you. I will do my best to answer.

Thanks for your comments!