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Chris Kernaghan - goal of SAP Mentor Monday is the goal to share with the community

Goal is to join SAP Mentors with product support

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Carlos, SAP Support, provided webcast

ANST - automated note search tool

Searches notes from your SAP system (SAP, BW, ERP, S4)

Start ANST, replicate your issue, then notes will be presented, as long as notes have been released  - pilot notes not shown

Notes with same objects in common will be presented

Today it looks at customizing tables

Future will look to data structures

Source: SAP

It was released 3 years ago

Source: SAP

Only through SP you can obtain ANST

Source: SAP

Need entry in table ANST_SETTINGS

Notes before 2011 are disregarded

Can make setting for ALV layout

Max objects - set to 800

RFC Destination is usually SAPSNOTE

Source: SAP

Above shows the selection screen

Source: SAP

Above is an example

Source: SAP

Source: SAP

Other note search tools include ST22  - click on SAP Correction notes

Source: SAP

PANKS - takes you to the notes

Question & Answer:

Q: Expand to BI/HANA?

A: Works only with ABAP systems; looking at this

Q: Do I understand correctly that there must be code correction for ANST to find the note using trace? What about notes without code correction where solution is maybe to upgrade NW kernel or adjust parameter.

A: Is there a guide with the required permissions and roles we need to use this functionality  for both tools

Watch the webcast replay for a demo of ANST and PANKS